The economist is primarily concerned with incentives; it is also a science with statistical tools to measure how people respond to those incentives, Positive or negative. And we all learned that from the outset of life. If you toddle over to the hot stove and touch it, you burn a finger. But if you bring […]

Fight Smart

Sometimes, giving your opponent the opportunity to walk away with his head held high, is all that’s needed to get him to relinquish control. It’s the ultimate mind f…. Make him feel trapped and desperate, and then become his rescuer.   I read an interesting analysis and opinion piece of why Grant beat Lee in […]


1.Will it make you afraid, will you give up or are you going to take up the challenge? 2. This is not a theoretical exercise or a seminar on how to do business, but rather an exposé based on experiential knowledge. 3. What will you do with the skills that you have acquired when you […]

Prophet, Priest or King

PROPHET, PRIEST & KING   “You are a king!”… these words, spoken by a colleague, excited Eugene and stirred up something inside of him, even though he did not, at the time, fully grasp the intended meaning.  After all, every man wants to be a king – there’s a romanticism about being a king; kings […]

Reality check

FICTITIOUS LETTER REALITY CHECK – A PERFECT STORM OR A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY? Only read this if you the right person, if not hand in your resignation, a new strategy can only work if the organization has the right people 2016 has undoubtedly started with a number of difficulties and challenges both in terms of a […]