A System

I had the privilege of meeting some of the most intellectual academics these last two weeks. What caught my attention was the following:

1. An office no bigger that 4m x 4m, with a secretary’s desk and chair and a table to have meetings around which is no bigger than a breakfast nook!

2. This is my question – a person with such an esteemed qualification is operating in this space. Does that represent their world?

3. Does that represent their thinking?

4. Keep in mind that these people are in charge of someone’s academic future or business future. Their thinking space is 4×4?

5. Now, does your banker also have a cubicle of this size? The size of space that you think from speaks volumes…

6. You are a business owner, or perhaps a student that thinks outside the box. Now you must have a meeting with a person whose thinking space is limited by a system that is smaller than you.

7. Wow! Does the system cater for people who want expand their territory?

8. Intellectuals with thinking space of this insignificant size? I’m getting seriously worried…

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