Blue Print

We ponder on the future possibility with expectation and pray for wisdom.

The months rush past with hurried programs and deadlines. We need to understand the direction we are headed and confirm the outcome we see in our mind.

We are here due to the decisions we have made to this point, we may be happy so far or be suffering from battle stress related to financial pressure and the harsh beating from the real world with binding obligations and the relentless pressure to achieve.

To avoid been frozen by fear and paralyzed by depression at the loss of hope, we need to evaluate why only 5% of people are successful and why the weeds grow so quickly and why we have to actively work against the force of gravity that can pull us down and crush our once free spirit.

We take wisdom from the wise that have walked the road to mental freedom and that have conquered the financial dragon. The ones that walk free have time and money freedom. Hard physical work and activity does not replace the power of concentrated purpose to achieve a specific goal.

This brings us to the point of purpose and where to focus ones energy. As stated by the world’s most successful people the most important first step is to know what you want. Once this is defined then we can evaluate the price tag relating to achieving this.

Once this picture is clear in your mind and the path is understood we can agree milestones and remain on course to the goal and our destiny. With emotional language we need to affirm why we are on this path and the fuel that will keep us there is the energy that is generated from the picture in our mind and spirit.

We can either be pushed by crippling fear and desperation or be driven by the power of a dream that will remain our reason to persevere when the soldiers of doubt approach and we find ourselves in the winter season of a cycle.

So when we look back for the harvest of our efforts and the effects of our daily missions we can only enjoy what has grown from what we have sewn. If we have sewn wisely the harvest will multiply as demonstrated in the law of nature. When the results and effects are not satisfactory and in line with our expectation, we need to look at the enemy within to find out what adjustments are required. This corrective process is the ongoing maintenance that we need to understand. Only by constantly weeding the garden in our mind will we start impacting the big picture.. No sewing is necessary to grow weeds this is a natural process and will continue..

To elude darkness the light must shine, to keep this light shinning we must ensure there is an ongoing energy source.. What are you plugged into to ensure the pathway to power is bright and clear, who do you associate with that could share and support your vision or destroy your hope in the future leaving you in a wasteland of bitterness and frustration. We look forward together every day with the power to choose which way to travel.

The mud will clear and the seasons will change, we cannot force the flowers to grow faster, but in the Lords time there will be fruit and it will be sweet.

We have all been blessed with the capacity to dream and achieve great things; this is the miracle of life.

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