Reality check

FICTITIOUS LETTER REALITY CHECK – A PERFECT STORM OR A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY? Only read this if you the right person, if not hand in your resignation, a new strategy can only work if the organization has the right people 2016 has undoubtedly started with a number of difficulties and challenges both in terms of a […]

Dream Big with a Vision

1. Dream Big If you want to be larger than life, you need a dream that’s larger than life. Small dreams won’t serve you or anyone else. It takes the same amount of time to dream small than it does to dream big. So be big and Bold! Write down you One Biggest Dream. The […]

Capital and Your Business

What’s particularly interesting about the critique is that as businesses grow, owners often have to– cede some degree of control. This is the case whether taking on equity or debt. The reality is very few businesses are wholly-owned successes that continue to fund themselves through their business savings or cash flow alone. I think both […]