Creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways to do anything. Step one: Believe it can be done. Here is a basic truth: To do anything, we must first believe it can be done. Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way to do it. Your mind will create […]

Failure first hand

Today I received notification that I failed a subject that I worked my butt off to pass. To make matters worse, I am currently on probation – if I don’t negotiate a second opportunity I’m out and my university career is over. I have two choices: sit and cry like a baby or move forward, […]

Move Forward

Weep not for what you have lost, fight for what you have. Weep not for what is dead, fight for what was born in you.Weep not for the one who abandoned you, fight for who is with you. Weep not for those who hate you, fight for those who want you. Weep not for your […]

Random Thoughts

If you are not well informed about your job, you might miss a great opportunity. Always let your leadership have the first say. To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up. Bull Sh*t might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there… Not everyone who sh*ts […]

A System

I had the privilege of meeting some of the most intellectual academics these last two weeks. What caught my attention was the following: 1. An office no bigger that 4m x 4m, with a secretary’s desk and chair and a table to have meetings around which is no bigger than a breakfast nook! 2. This […]


In the week I was informed that entrepreneurs are required to pay DOUBLE DEPOSIT when renting a apartment(in this specific area) as they pose a huge risk. UNBELIEVABLE.

Jobs Jobs Jobs…WTF!

News headlines on the day after the matric results were publicised, bemoan the fact that only a small percentage of matriculants looking for jobs will be employed. Much ado is made of the “lack of jobs and opportunities” for matrics, yet no mention is ever made of entrepreneurship or the possibility of school leavers starting […]