A new decade

A new decade has started for me, I would like to reflect topics on the past decade and how this has motivated and prepared me for this next 10.


  • We have to remove the word/idea of failure out of your vocabulary and life, failure is merely a skill or action that didn’t work.
  • Use your time
  • Have a self-maintenance plan, our cars need to be maintained, and so our self-growth has to be kept
  • Don’t get pulled into bullshit, as a business owner instead have coffee or lunch whatever you do. Don’t engage in shit.


  • We behave in and out of relationships. Meaning-Don’t be an asshole with your wife in the morning and expect nice words will delete you bad behaviour of earlier. When we misbehaved give your women time, and behave in a manner that will please your women. Don’t think nice fancy words will crack it. Sorry mate!!
  • Don’t be passive, engage with energy.
  • Don’t be a victim, because this game will not profit you.


  • Are you a passive, assertive or decisive communicator?
  • If you passive-only use this as a strategy. Accertive and decisive goes hand I hand-Go learn these methods it will profit you.

My next decade will be full on, I will not make the same mistakes again.I’m not a great believer in goal setting but rather one goal per decade. Daily goals are fluid,things change, and you have to have the ability to adapt to the evolving circumstances.So if you set goals for the day/week/year and you don’t achieve them, suddenly you fall into a pit of despair and depression.

To avoid this instead learn the skill to adapt instantly with wisdom and foresight.

Turning 40 is consolidation time.

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  1. Charlotte Lombard - May 14, 2019 Reply

    1. I will not make the same mistakes again
    2. Don’t be an asshole

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