Ineffective Editing

Why people are ineffective or effective?
Can people cause us to be ineffective? We need to re-evaluate the situation which will
cause unwanted stress, and suddenly we function under a cloud of anxiety
our mind will be taken up by the thought of”I need to be perfect.”
and the more we try to be perfect, the more we get consumed by stress and anxiety, a
feeling of not being in control of the situation.
What do I mean, when I say people can cause us to be ineffective, let me explain.

  1. For example, the bricklayer is busy building a wall; suddenly, the foreman ascribes a
    plumbing task to the bricklayer. The foreman is making the bricklayer ineffective; the
    bricklayer is not trained to be a plumber.
  2. When the bricklayer fails to perform the task, the foreman categorises him as
    ineffective. Is this fair?
  3. No, it is not. The fact that the foreman did not plan the day’s work effectively, he
    functions out of desperation to get the task done which he never intended for,
  4. he was inadvertently transferring the pressure to the bricklayer
  5. Thus, the foreman without realising, creating an ineffective bricklayer.
    In Business and life, we must guard against this, speak up, show posture (the antidote)
    when you feel people are making you ineffective. Good leaders and managers will always
    ensure that their team functions in the most effective manner possible. Speed and
    execution are essential.
    Don’t beat yourself when you feel stressed caused by ineffective leaders, and it’s not your
    fault. Is there a lack of planning and the ability to keep calm.
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