Can you turn the page back to find evidence on what to do?

Failure in whichever form is crucial information in times like these, it provides evidence (road map) on how to navigate the mine field, not only in day to day living but emotionally. The question remains, did we embrace failure and accept it or in the alternative was the tough times discounted with no real reflection and vulnerability.
I failed more times than I can even remember, I was depressed, felt like shit, but I never gave up. History always provides answers for the future; however, this can be all relevant. Story pinned against ignorance is not ok; we will have no skills to navigate the harsh terrain ahead. Create the narrative for the future now as a roadmap on what to do.
Answers born out of failure, anxiety and uncertainty will be your best friend.
Against this background, significant cracks are appearing in the behavior of some business people, the ignorance not embracing failure is blinding them,
they don’t know what to do; the team is stuck, led by someone whos frontal cortex is on the level of a “misty day”.

  1. Take time and be F…honest where you F…up
  2. Be vulnerable, people relate to authenticity
  3. Explain to your team what shit you are in, for goodness sake sell the porch so that your team can see you care and understand there need, and you prepared to suffer with them.
  4. There are always options, be brave and ask for help
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